Saturday, January 18, 2014

The White Diet

Our dear friends had a baby.  They lived close to us, so we got to see them go through all of the pregnancy changes.  They have been a great source of information for us, and one tidbit (that we all laugh about now) is something they called, "The White Diet."

My wife had terrible morning sickness in her first trimester, maybe your lady doesn't, and if so, kudos!  By the second month, everything that was once delicious to her made her want to vomit.  I felt so bad for her, because I have always admired her sophisticated palate. Now she was reduced to the things she never had a taste for.  Mostly, these things don't even have any taste.  Here is a look at a day on The White Diet:

Breakfast- Egg sandwich on a white roll with American cheese.  Touch of ketchup.
Lunch- American cheese sandwich on white bread. A little mayo.
Dinner- Pasta with the slightest touch of tomato sauce or just a little butter and parmesean.
Snack- Usually a little dish of vanilla frozen yogurt.
And a prenatal vitamin in a pear tree.

And there you have it!  After a week of this, I realized I was eating these things too, and had to stop.  I started to make square meals for myself, and I would always make extra just in case.  This is a good thing for you to do.  Your lady needs nutrients, but she just can't stomach most flavors.  Her prenatal vitamins are key here, but any chance of her taking a bite of broccoli off your plate is a good thing.  I would research the best food for her to eat and make myself a meal with those ingredients just in case she felt daring.  Sometimes she would, and would eat all of my avocado.  Sometimes she would just turn her nose up at my plate.  But at least the options were there.

One thing that we used as a fun treat was a 2 cheeseburger extra value meal.  Something about those terribly, unhealthy burgers just sat so right with my wife's tummy.  A few times during that month I ran out to McD's.  We limited that intake strongly, but if the craving was through the roof, we went for it!  I would have dared you to try and stop me, and if you have anything to say to me about it now, keep it to yourself.

Once we hit the 2nd trimester everything subsided.  My wife began to crave all the things she once loved, and we were back on healthy meals.  Now I'm cooking up a storm and loving it.  It's fun to pack a plate with things that are good for her and the baby.  After she eats, (and you better have dinner ready, bro), you can totally see all those nutrients kicking in as she falls asleep, during the movie it took you guys a half hour to decide on, with a smile on her face.  It's worth it, and now you can stop the movie, turn the volume down, and find the game on TV.

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